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Data for Good

Just because we can, does it mean we should?
27 May 2015


Every day, whether we like it or not, we each generate new data about our lives, giving clues about our health, wealth and even our happiness.

Data is being used to improve - even revolutionise - the way we live our lives. But it seems something is holding us back from even faster progress: fear.

What are we scared of? And are these fears valid? Is it possible that we need to shift our thinking from "data is evil" to “data is just data”? And do we need to overcome our fear to really start to enjoy the benefits of longer, healthier, wealthier and happier lives?

Join Ticky Fullerton (ABC) and a host of industry figures to explore one of our time's most important issues.

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Date Wednesday 27 May 2015
11am - 1pm (AEST)
Museum of Contemporary Art
140 George Street
The Rocks NSW 2000


Ticky Fullerton

Ticky Fullerton Bio

Ticky Fullerton presents The Business on ABC News 24 and ABC, and Business PM on ABC Radio. Ticky joined the ABC in 1995. For five years she was an investigative reporter for Four Corners and has been both a business and political reporter for Lateline, and the presenter of Landline. In 2004 Ticky won the Australian Government Peter Hunt Eureka Prize for Environmental Journalism. Prior to her career in journalism, Ticky was an associate director with investment bank Credit Suisse First Boston. Ticky has a law degree from Oxford University.

Nick Evershed

Nick Evershed Bio

Nick is a data journalist for Guardian Australia. After a short stint as a scientist he switched careers and now specialises in data-based investigations and multimedia. Nick uses data and analytics across a broad range of stories and issues including economics, politics and culture.

Rami Mukthar

Rami Mukhtar Bio

Dr Rami Mukhtar is co-founder and CEO of Ambiata and a practicing data scientist. Ambiata empowers enterprise to understand the truth and consequences of their decisions by rigorously measuring and connecting the customer response with their actions in order to ultimately optimise customer experience and value. Rami has worked closely with enterprise in telco, banking, insurance, retail and media sectors helping them to transform them from belief driven organisations to data driven ones.

Clive Hamilton

Clive Hamilton Bio

Clive Hamilton is a well-known public intellectual and writer. He is the author of a number of best-selling books, including Growth Fetish, Affluenza, and most recently, Earthmasters: Playing God with the climate. Clive was the founder, and for 14 years the executive director of the Australia Institute, the nation’s leading progressive think tank. He is currently Professor of Public Ethics at Charles Sturt University in Canberra.

Jodie Sangster

Jodie Sangster Bio

Jodie Sangster is the CEO of the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), and the Institute for Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA). Her extensive experience in the fields of global data-driven marketing and advertising spans over 17 years and includes experience throughout the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Jodie also chairs the GlobalDMA, a consortium of 27 marketing associations around the world with a mandate to advance and champion responsible global marketing and advertising.

Alan Duffy

Alan Duffy Bio

Dr Alan Duffy is a Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology with a PhD in astrophysics. His research involves creating simulated universes on supercomputers and testing our understanding of the world around us with these TB-scale datasets. He also works on Australia's upcoming next-generation telescopes that will surpass these data-storage requirements by orders of magnitude and see humans removed from the observational process. The software that we design for these telescopes will then determine how we 'perceive' the world around us.

Jason Wilby & Jonathan Buck

Jonathan Buck and Jason Wilby Bio

Jonathan and Jason are the founders of Auxilio Venture Lab, a new breed of consulting company that builds new business ventures with meaning. They work with corporate and start-up clients to develop and launch new products and services that often utilise data and information in new and innovative ways to create value for consumers.

About Auxilio

At Auxilio Venture Lab, we build new business ventures for corporates and provide a platform for our people to build their own ventures.

We do this with a focus on socially conscious entrepreneurship: we want to ensure that the ventures we build leave people healthier, wealthier and happier.

Many of the ventures we work on present us with opportunities to use data insights in new and disruptive ways, leading us to raise questions about the ethics of data usage.

Data for Good is an opportunity for us to explore these issues with the broader community. Our hope is that together we can examine the challenges we face and uncover some valuable insights, so that collectively we can use data for good.

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